Training QBs - The Broken Model
  • The model for training NFL and College QBs is broken
  • The fundamental problem is the inability of teams to adequately train and develop QB talent due to reduced practice times, concerns about contact, and the priority of preparing starters
  • Teams prioritize the QB position because of its impact on winning, but are always 1 injury away from losing their greatest investment
QBSIM - A New Reality in QB Training

QBSIM is a fully immersive, non-contact, simulation platform providing realistic game speed repetitions throwing a REAL ball into a virtual reality environment powered by 10 years of actual game data. QBs can train safely while developing all the skills and in-game instincts required to win.


QBSIM Receiver Development

Virtual Reality

Leveraging the cutting edge immersive technology of Virtual Reality, the QBSIM platform blurs the lines between practice and real game experience by allowing the QB to improve his passing mechanics while developing scheme recognition, decision-making, pocket presence, and play making abilities at game day intensity level.

Real Ball

QBSIM is the only virtual reality simulation platform built on the premise that to effectively train QBs they have to throw a real ball. Any virtual reality simulation that does not feature throwing a real ball is simply enhanced film review.

Real Reps - Throw
Real Reps QB View

Real Reps

The QBSIM training platform creates a new reality where QBs gain valuable game speed reps against simulated scenarios without the risk of contact injury. A QB can step into the simulator and gain reps that were previously unavailable outside of game day. It is often said about QBs that they simply need more game reps to fully develop. Now both starting and backup QBs can achieve those reps by practicing against the actual schemes and tendencies of upcoming opponents.

In a single training session inside the simulator the QB will practice identifying the defense, calling the right audible, reading his progression and making the right throw with accuracy in the face of a realistic rush or blitz. It’s all the intensity of a game day rep without the risk of contact injury or the need to involve 21 other practice players.

Real Results

QBSIM allows teams to transform current practice drills into a more immersive, dynamic and realistic game speed experience, while incorporating cutting edge training methodologies and technologies not available during a regular practice.  Unlike VR systems based on filming practice, which at best train the QB’s mind, the QBSIM training platform allows coaches to place QBs in the exact scenarios they need to work on most in order to improve.  These situational reps combined with the muscle memory created by making the real throw with the real ball on every rep efficiently drives increased training performance, dramatically reducing the time it takes to get quarterbacks game ready.

— Expert View —

“Immediate feedback VR training will be particularly advantageous in contact sports, such as American football. Imagine training quarterbacks to throw the football accurately and with appropriate passing mechanics, but doing this in VR.

With the QBSIM system the quarterback quickly and efficiently trains muscle memory through physical repetitions without risk of injury.”

— Todd Maddox, PhD.
Cognitive/Behavioral Neuroscience
Optimized Training Expert

QBSIM - The Advantage

The QBSIM training platform brings together best of class virtual reality technology, proprietary simulation technology and a deep understanding of the game of football to provide the ultimate simulator for fully developing quarterbacks who are ready to enter the game and succeed immediately.  NFL teams spend over $22 million a year on quarterback salaries because they know that there is no position more important to winning games.  College programs focus a great deal of their recruiting attention on finding the best quarterback talent in the nation to help their programs win.  The QBSIM platform provides all of a team’s quarterbacks with the opportunity to train like a starter and prepare every part of their own skill set to succeed on game day.  It also removes the need to put QBs in risky, team practice situations where even a simple stumble over another player can end a QB’s season. QBSIM makes every day game day.

Make Every Day Game Day